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Whether your Anchorage roofing project is big or small, commercial or residential, Storm Proof Roofing has you “covered”! We offer a wide variety of Anchorage roofing services, including

*Architectural & 3 Tab Shingles        *Torch Down                      *Roof Inspection Reports
*EPDM Rubber                                    *Roof Coatings                   * Cedar Shakes
*Metal Roofing                                     * Moss Removal

We also offer the exclusive Storm Proof Roofing No Strings Attached quote – just contact us, and the owner Steve Maxon will contact you to give you a quote. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and the owner of the business is on every job site.

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Anchorage Roofing Services – Additional info.

Shingle Roof - Anchorage Roofing

Anchorage Shingle Roofing - Roofing Anchorage

Shingle roofs are the most popular roof for residential homes in Anchorage and Eagle River. At Storm Proof Roofing we only install architectural shingles because they look amazing and they hold up to the strong winds that hit Anchorage and Eagle River, especially the hillside. My favorite shingle is the Owens Corning architectural specifically because they have a nylon strip across the nail line so the nails don’t penetrate through the shingle. Other great shingle brands include Malarky, Gaf, and Certainteed. We can provide you with any brochures, literature, and samples of the shingles free of charge, just give us a call. If you want to see picture of our work go over to our photo gallery, the pictures are labeled with the color of the shingle and a small description. Call Storm Proof Roofing for a Free Estimate @ 907-770- 6666.

Metal Roofing - Anchorage Roofing

Anchorage Metal Roofing - Roofing Anchorage

Metal roofs look fantastic and we get a ton of customers asking about these roofs. There are 2 types of metal roofs we install. One is called a concealed fastener metal panel, this is where the screws to install the metal panel are under the seams of each panel so they don’t show. The other is an exposed fastener system where we install the screw right through the top of the panel. The screws have rubber gaskets around them to prevent water from getting in around the screw head. Metal roofs are very low maintenance and will last a lifetime. The best places to install metal roofs are on the windy hillside areas and on cabins. I have all the brochures and color samples for you to see, call 907-770-6666

EPDM Rubber Roofing - Anchorage Roofing

EPDM Rubber Roofing - Roofing Anchorage

EPDM Rubber is a very flexible synthetic roof membrane. The rolls of rubber come in black and white and come in 45 mil and 60 mils thick. We use Carlisle brand of EPDM rubber, 60 mils thick and the rolls come in 10’x100′. The rubber is adhered with a contact cement glue applied to the rubber and the surface. The seams (every 10′) are overlapped and then primed and seamed together with a splice tape. All the pipes get rubber boots cut to size and adhered with primer and they self stick to the deck. These roofs are great for all commercial building and really any low sloped roof application, even good for residential homes too. EPDM Rubber is also very easy to repair, if your roof ends up getting a hole or cut in it you repair it as you would a tire. Prime the roof and use a self stick rubber membrane patch, very easy. If you need a fantastic rubber roof look through our photo gallery and then call Storm Proof Roofing for a Free Estimate.

Torch Down Roof - Anchorage Roofing

Torch Down Roofing - Roofing Anchorage

Torch Down roofing is a low sloped roofing system, commonly used on residential homes as an alternative to the old hot tar and gravel roofing systems. Torch down comes in rolls that have about 200 square feet of coverage per roll. Torch down roofing is made up of a modified bitumen and high quality resins and have either a sanded top layer or you can get a color granulated top for a more appealing looking roof. When installing a torch down roof you need to have a base underlayment layer to burn the torch down to. You don’t want to burn the torch down directly to the plywood because it becomes extremely difficult to tear off when a new roof is needed in the future. There are many pros and cons to this type of roofing system. The main reason I like torch down products is because of how tough the layer of torch down is. This makes it great for walking deck roofs that are commonly found on townhouses or zzl homes in Anchorage and Eagle River. It’s also an easy product to use when repairing an existing torch down roof or a hot tar roof, either residential or commercial building. The negatives of torch down roofs is that they typically don’t last as long as other low sloped roofing systems would because of the constant temperature changes in Alaska. The other reason is that while the torch down melts and sticks to itself really well, it doesn’t like to bond to the pipe flashing’s and edge metals used around the roof perimeter. The cold weather can cause these spots to break free and becomes a spot for water to get in. If you need more information on this roofing products give us a call.

Anchorage Roof Coatings - Anchorage Roofing

Anchorage Roof Coatings - Roofing Anchorage

Lots of people have thought about using a roof coating on there leaky roof and it’s no surprise because this anchorage roofing product has become a DIY kind of thing and they can easily be bought at any home improvement store. Anchorage roof coatings can be great if used properly in the right scenario but if you have a leaking roofing I would recommend using a roof coating to solve your roofing problems. More than likely it will just be a waste of time and money. We have used many roof coating product in Anchorage and Eagle River so if you have any questions please call us before you drop the money on the product. Types of roofing coating you may be interested in – Aluminum Roof Coating, 100% Silicone Roof Coating, and White water based roof coating. Lets start with Aluminum Roof Coatings. Aluminum roof coatings come in 5 gallon cans like most roofing coatings, this product comes in a fiber or non-fiber variety. The one with fibers mixed in it is much thicker when applying it to the roof than the non-fiber product. You will also need to mix the product before using and that will require a drill with a paint mixer attachment to get it properly mixed before you start. Make sure that you clean the roof surface before you apply the roof coating and I would highly recommend that you use an asphalt primer on the whole surface you will be coating so you know the roof coating will stick and not end up peeling. Once the prep work is done just apply the roof coating with a thick nap paint roller evenly coating the entire roof surface. Allow a day to dry before walking on the roof.

Silicone Roof Coating - Roofing Anchorage

More Roof Coatings - Roofing Anchorage

Another great anchorage roofing coating that I have installed is called GacoRoof. This is a 100% Silicone roof product that comes in a good variety of colors. To properly install this product you need to have 1″ plywood on your roof or deck roof so there is very minimal flexing in the wood. The 100% silicone roof coating is applied directly to the plywood with a seam tape being rolled over all the plywood seams. The very first time I saw this roofing product was on a home in downtown Anchorage and the GacoRoof that was currently on there was 50 years old and had only a few spot where water was penetrating the plywood, this is an overall amazing anchorage roofing product.

Another product that lots of people are drawn to are Green Roof Coatings. These typically come in white and don’t have any harsh chemicals that may be found in other coatings. These green coatings are also most likely to be water based. The idea of a green roofing product is great but we have found these products do not stick to roofs very well, I would use a white roof coating for better Energy Efficiency though if that’s the main goal.

Anchorage Roofing Insulation - Roofing Anchorage

Anchorage Roofing Insulation - Roofing Anchorage

If your planning on replacing your roof its also a good time to add more insulation to your roof if you want a better R-value for your home. if you have a flat roof we can add Polyiso insulation panels for better R-value, this will add about 5.6 R-value per inch of insulation. If you have a pitched roof you have the option between insulation batts or blow-in insulation. Insulation batts are great for house with cathedral ceilings because the roofing insulation batts lay perfectly between the rafters and have better R-value per inch that a blown insulation will have. Blow-in roofing insulation is awesome for houses with open attic space because you can blow an even layer around the whole attic space regardless of any electrical wires and rafters that get in the way. Blown roofing insulation adds 2.6 R-value per inch and you just blow as much as you need to reach the achieved R-value. Blow-in insulation does require a machine to blow it in but most places you can buy this insulation will also have these machines for rent too.

Anchorage Moss Removal - Anchorage Roofing

Anchorage Moss Removal - Roofing Anchorage

Most roofs in Anchorage and Eagle River are eventually gonna have some type of moss growth. If there are lots of trees surrounding the house then you are gonna have a lot of green moss growing between the tabs of the shingles. If you have black staining on your anchorage roof that would be algae. You can use things like bleach to kill the moss but it will still be on the roof, it will just be brown and dead. You can also scrap or rake the moss off the roof too but to get your roof perfectly clean again its gonna need to be power washed. If your doing research online most people would advise against power washing your anchorage roof but this is the ONLY way to get a clean roof again. We have never had any problems removing moss this way and never damaged any roofs with this method either. If you decide to do this anchorage roofing project yourself then consult with a roofing professional before you start because your roof may be too old to power wash and you should just get a new roof installed instead.