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About Us

Storm Proof Roofing

Anchorage Roofing Company

Storm Proof Roofing is a licensed, bonded and insured roofing contractor in Anchorage, Alaska that is professional and knowledgeable about all your roofing projects. Copies of our business license, contractor license, and municipal licenses are available upon request along with our certificate of insurance. Our roofing team focuses on customer service and customer needs, we always do extra on all of our projects and do whatever it takes to make sure our customers are happy they chose us to do there roofing project. We always arrive to the work site on time and work according to your schedule, always over delivering to give you the best experience possible. Storm Proof Roofing is extremely competitive on their prices and will work around your schedule. If you want a great Anchorage roofing company with experience, amazing customer service, and fantastic prices call Storm Proof Roofing today!

Guaranteed Services

With the highest quality products and an owner with over 30 years of  Anchorage roofing experience the results are top notch. We are so sure that you will be completely satisfied with the results of your project that we guarantee our work. Not only does your project come with manufacturer warranties on the materials and the products used, but Storm Proof Roofing also places warranties on all new re-roofs and also provides the best extended warranties in Alaska.

Free Estimates

When looking for an Anchorage Roofing Company don’t ever pay for an estimate. Storm Proof Roofing provides Free Estimates on all of our roofing services. Give us a call and tell us about your roofing project, we are here to help you on any roofing job you have.

Steve Maxon - Anchorage Roofing Contractor

We Value You as our Client

At Storm Proof Roofing we understand the importance of your business and strive to be better than any other Anchorage roofing company. We’ve worked hard throughout the years to build up the best reputation in the roofing business and to maintain our level of excellence in everything we do. Your happiness is extremely important to us because our roofing company runs mostly off of referrals from past clients. This is why we take the time to walk you through every step of the process, beginning to end, giving you exactly what you want at a price that is fair for both parties. We answer any questions or concerns you may have about the details of your roofing project so you are knowledgeable about the full process.

Owner/Operator - Steve Maxon

How does the Roof Proposal Process Work?

            Are you wondering how getting a roof bid works? Well first you should find a couple of good roofing contractors through referrals from friends, looking online, and reading reviews posted by people on various sites like Facebook, Angie’s List, Google Maps, Yelp, and Yellow Pages. Once you have selected the roofing companies you wanted to come bid your roofing project give them all a call or Request an Estimate online so they can get you a bid back. Getting a roofing proposal will take a few days, possibly even longer than a week if it is a busy part the the roofing season. All the roofing companies should provide you with a Free Estimate, if they charge for this roofing service then just pass and go to the next company.

         Our company can come out any time that works for you, it is also better if you are home so you can show me all of your concerns and I can answer any questions you may have. I will measure the roof square footage and make sure there are no bigger problems that are going to arise once the roof is torn off, like water damage or rotten wood. Then I evaluate the difficulty of the job, the price will really depend on how difficult the roofing job will be. I look at things like what type of roof we are going to be tearing off, how far the trash has to be carried to the dump truck, steepness of the roof, and how the shingles will be loaded on the roof. There are tons of these factors that I take into consideration before calculating the final price of your roofing Anchorage project.

       You can receive your free estimate through email or I can bring a packet by your home. The roof packet we provide includes our business licenses and copies of our insurance. Brochures of the type of roof you are getting a bid for (shingles, metal, epdm rubber, etc.) and the actual roofing proposal. I can also provide you with any color sample board for any shingle brand and sample of the roofing underlayment we will be using  or any other roofing products we will be installing on your roofing project. Any questions you have about the roofing proposal can be answered at this time. A very common question we get is about extra charges above the bid price. We DO NOT change the bid price unless the customer changes something in the middle of the Anchorage roofing project. Another very common question is about plywood replacement on the roof. Most roofing companies in anchorage charge an additional $100-$200 per sheet of plywood that needs to be replaced. When you read through our bid though you will see that depending on the size of your roof we will replace between 5 – 10 sheets of plywood if needed before any extras charges will occur. I have never had a customer need more than a couple of sheets replaced so there is no need to worry about this when you choose to use Storm Proof Roofing.

      Are you ready to accept the roofing proposal? We first off thank you very much for the business, we really appreciate you choosing our roofing company. All we need to start your project is a signed contract and a deposit shown on the bottom of the roofing bid, generally 50% of the total roof bid. Once we have received these 2 things we take care of the rest. We go get a re-roof permit from the city and get all the roofing parts to the job site. We will let you know the exact start date of your project and most residential homes in Anchorage and Eagle River take 2-4 days to complete the entire roofing project. Once the roofing jobs is completed and you are absolutely thrilled with the final result the other 50% of the bid is due. THAT’S IT!!!! Your roofing Anchorage project is complete. For a bid or more information please call 907-770-6666.

Frequently Asked Roofing Anchorage Questions

Question: What is the best time of year to replace my roof?
Roofing Anchorage Answer: Anytime between April and October is a perfect time but don’t wait to get your roofing quotes, do this in the spring time and make sure to get on the schedule. Most people wait until the end of the roofing season to get a bid and do their roof and most times the roofing companies are already booked up for the rest of the roofing Anchorage season.
Question: How much will my new roof costs?
Roofing Anchorage Answer: I get this question ALL THE TIME over the phone and there is no great answer when I haven’t seen the project yet. For the answer to this question just call for a new roof bid so you have an accurate number on the cost, and the bids are free with no obligations.
Question: How long will my new roof last?
Roofing Anchorage Answer: How long your new roof last is all about the Anchorage roofing contractor you choose. If you choose a great roofing installer your roof can easily last 30-50 years depending on the roof system you have chosen. If you don’t have a great roofing installer then you may need a new roof the next time it rains, do your research before choosing a roofing contractor.
Question: Do I even need a new roof?
Roofing Anchorage Answer: In most cases if your looking at a new roof prices the answer is YES. Most homes in Anchorage were built in the 70’s and 80’s and if the roof hasn’t been replaced yet then it needs a new roof. Don;t wait until your roof is leaking to get it replaced because by the time you see water inside the house there has been a lot more damage to the plywood, rafters, and fascia than you could imagine. When it comes to replacing your roof it is always better to get it done before you see any damage occurring to the home.
Question: Are there going to be any extra charges about my bid price?
Roofing Anchorage Answer: To sum it up, NO there won’t be any additional charges unless the customer changes something in the middle of the bid. If there is a possibility of additional work needing to be done I will bring it up before we even start doing the roof and give you a really good idea of the additional costs to do the work.
Question: Do I need to be home during the roofing process?
Roofing Anchorage Answer: Nope, all work can be completed without you having to be home. All vehicles should be moved from the driveway and the outside electrical outlets should be working. Besides that there is no reason we would ever need to go inside your home.
Question: How long will it take you to put on the new roof?
Roofing Anchorage Answer: Most homes in Anchorage and Eagle River have roofs that are 1500sqft to 2500sqft. These roofs take 2-3 days for our roofing company to complete. If the project is bigger or has lots of difficulties then add a few more days.
Question: Will the roofing company owner be on the job?
Roofing Anchorage Answer: ABSOLUTELY, the owner of Storm Proof Roofing is always on the job.
Question: What forms of payment can you take?
Roofing Anchorage Answer:  We can accept cash, check, cashiers check, and any major credit cards.
Question: Do I need to get my own RE-Roof Permit before you start working?
Roofing Anchorage Answer: No, Storm Proof Roofing will get the re-roof permit required by the city of Anchorage. The cost of the permit is already included in the bid you received.